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Nephilim Fallen Angel Offspring RETURNING NOW Days Of Noah

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Strange accounts of the Nephilim are often cited in scripture, extra biblical texts and historical accounts. Although it is said and acccounted through time that the angels came and mated with mankind, strange stories of animal hybrids have trickled down into our culture as myths and legends. The Watchers are depicted as creating mutations and genetically engineering different animal-hybrids

The variance between these Pre flood giants could have been that the growth-limiting gene, was dorment due to the angelic-human mingling process. The growth limiter gene may very well have been determined by age and diet much like reptiles who grow for the duration of their life, this could be substantiated by the mention in the Midrash and other sources that They were very voracious, eating as many as a thousand oxen, horses, and camels each day. In theory the dormant Nephilim gene could later have been re-ignited by post flood carrier hosts.

Roman history accounts for the sacking and burning of Rome, when the blonde haired, blue eyed Senone giants invaded their borders slaughtering 24,000 warriors and laying seige to the Capital Hill. The Legionnaires were alerted to the Gallic attack by the sacred geese of one night when the 17 foot Giants attempted an attack up the hill. Marcus Manlius led a band of soldiers defending against the giants, who eventually succumbed to disease and famine. Although the giants continued to raid Italy and surrounding countrysides, the final chapter would not be closed until command of the legionnaires fell to the great military genius Gaius Marius. He improved and standardized training, weapons, armour, equipment, and command structure, instituting a main tactical unit. Later Gaius Maruis' nephew, Julius Caesar would write, 'They described the Germans mentioning their enormous physique, their unbelievable valour, and extraordinary military training, The Gauls said that often when they had encountered the Germans they had not been able to endure even the expression on their faces of the flare in their eyes.

Other writers, like Plutarch characterizes these giants as having 'invincible strength and courage: in battle they attack with the force and speed of five and no one can withstand them.' It was not until Gaius Marius and his legionnaires restructured their army for battle against these titans. They would exploit the giants for their great size, cutting them down to size as it became known. Marius and the legionnaires approached from the east, with the sun and wind at their backs. The fought with the fearsome Cimbi and their blood-curdling war bellows.

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