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NIBIRU / Planet X / Wormwood

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September's collection of objects in our skies. Increased menacing meteors, Comet fever, emergence of Islands which could be connected to an Earthquake, chemical skies, UFOs, Orbs, Crop Circles, certainly lots of talking points. These intriguing pictures have been taken by sisters and brothers from Solar Sisters Facebook Group. Commentary also from Mr Hofman. As Nibiru or some call it Planet X cuts through our solar system in retrograde motion to the other planets it performs its various duties such as displacing or replacing planets and causing general havoc in the process. Are we witnessing this now?

Planet X was the subject of free and open debate among astronomers and scientists decades ago. However, following the mysterious death of Dr. Robert Harrington, the chief astronomer of the U.S. Naval Observatory , Planet X became a third-rail topic for scientists.

Harrington searched for the same object that famous astronomers such as Percival Lowel also searched for. He published a paper on where he believed he would find Planet X and traveled to New Zealand with his own telescope to observe his discovery.

After his trip, Harrington was silenced by a bizarre onset of esophageal cancer and died before he could publish his findings. Following his death, an anonymous obituary stated that he had been disappointed with his research. However, Harrington's widow rejected this notion; she believed her husband was murdered to silence him before he could alert the world to proof of Planet X's existence.

This object -- what we call Planet X -- exists, and it is inbound. How do we know? Both current data and the ancients tell us so. If you've noticed the alarming and ever-increasing pace of catastrophic Earth changes, doesn't it make sense to become informed about the cause?

The ancient Sumerians, the Mayans, Native American Cultures and the Illuminati have known about Nibiru Planet X and its eventual return for hundreds of years.

The Egyptians were very clear...the Destroyer, will come like a thief in the night. We think of Nibiru / Planet X as the boy who cried wolf, but then remember, the wolf finally came.

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