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Nibiru: Two Suns Visible Over Japan - Planet X Update 2016

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Two Suns Footage over Japan April 26, 2016. Mainstream Media News Has recently been asking us if Nibiru Planet X Will cause Mass extinction this month to Earth? It's unreal, From covering it up to, Mass Media Exposure this month from all Major News Networks.Links Below.

What your thoughts on this? We read every comment and appreciate when you take your time to leave a comment, like and share. Even so We greatly appreciate you for watching our video to begin with! Love you all our NT Nation.

~ RT News Planet X to really cause mass extinction this month? http://nibirutoday.com/live-nibiru-videos/planet-x-really-cause-mass-extinction-month/

~ Russian News Documentary Proves Nibiru Planet X Headed towards Earth http://nibirutoday.com/live-nibiru-videos/russian-documentary-proves-nibiru-planet-x-headed-towards-earth/

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