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#7 Earthquakes In DIVERSE Places

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Planet earth is experiencing an uptick in earthquakes and volcano activity. What I find interesting is when Jesus is asked by his disciples what will be the sign of the end of the age,. One of the items on Jesus’ punch list is this: There will be earthquakes in diverse places.

What astonishes me about this statement is that almost 200 years ago there was absolutely no way to know about an earthquake happening in Japan if you lived in Jerusalem. You wouldn’t know about it…period.

If we fast forward to today because of the vast array of telecommunications that have created a network that encircles our globe, information is at the speed of live.

A good example of this would the Fukushima disaster, when, after an earthquake measuring 9.0 on the richter scale people around the world watched the tsunami devastate the mainland as a 70 wall of water destroyed everything in its path as well as taking upward of 20,000 lives.

We watched the event on our TV’s or computers in real time as the satellite network that connects us all, relayed the images around the globe.

Here’s a fact that I find interesting. Oklahoma may be the earthquake capital of the world as last year it led the total number of earthquakes at over 700. If we go back a few years ago the average temblor in that state was 2 to 3 per year. Surely we can agree that there has been an uptick in the both the frequency and severity of earthquakes.

What is interesting is the number of larger earthquakes happening in the last ten years. In other words there have been temblors over 8.0 in magnitude and these are extremely devastating and cause both loss of life and property.

When the Fukushima earthquake happened over 5 years ago, a massive tsunami flooded the Fukushima prefecture but it also crippled the Fukushima Diachi nuclear power plant. Now it was recently revealed that no one knows where the fuel-rods that were in the reactor are. In other words they have burned through the containment shell and, for all practice purposes headed to the center of the earth. Will they contaminate the Pacific Ocean? Only time will time.

Then we have the real threat of volcano’s and more specifically a super volcano erupting. We saw what I would consider a small eruption several years ago when the Eifjokyll volcano in Iceland erupted and spewed a cloud of ash into the sky which closed all air travel over Northern Europe and England for about two weeks, resulting in a loss of millions of dollars in Airfares.

In this Watchers segment from Watchers 9 - Days of Chaos, we sat down with Alvin Conway who has a blog entitled The Extinction Protocol. Alvin is a born again Christian and he has been tracking what we would call the Birth Pains for years. Let’s take a moment and see what Alvin tells us about earthquakes and the burgeoning volcanic activity.

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