End Time Signs As It Was In The Days Of Noah & Lot


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The Bible calls Noah “a preacher of righteousness” [2 Peter 2:5]. Noah tried to warn others about God’s coming judgment for sin, but no one listened. The door of the Ark was open to anyone who wanted to be saved, until the day the rain came and God shut the door of the Ark. They ignored Noah’s warnings until it was too late. Everyone on the Ark was saved. Everyone outside the Ark died.

Only Noah, his wife, his three sons and their wives were safe on the Ark. Except for these 8 people [1 Peter 3:20], every other person died.

Just like then, preachers are warning people of God’s judgment for sin, the bad things we do when we know not to and the good things we fail to do when we know we should. And just as there was a Door on the Ark people could enter and be saved, there is a Door of Salvation today. That Door is Jesus Christ. Jesus is the only name under heaven and earth by which men must be saved. There was only one Door to the Ark; there is only one way to be saved from the judgment of our sin.

Ask Jesus to save you from your sins today, while the Door is still open.

Here is the list of Bible verse used in this video, you can note it to study.
00:10 - Matthew 24v37-39 / Luke 17v28-30
01:05 - Genesis 6v5,11,12
01:27 - Jude 1v17
02:48 - 2 Peter 2v4-6
02:45 - John 10v10
04:00 - Matthew 7v21-23
04:16 - 2 Peter 2v7
06:07 - 2 Peter 3v3-4 / Matthew 24v38
06:53 - Matthew 7v14
07:07 - Romans 10v13

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