Oman is sinking! The deserts of Arabia turned into huge rivers! Climate change. Natural disasters


Natural disaster 9 May 2021. Oman is sinking! The deserts of Arabia turned into huge rivers! Climate change #PainfulEarth


The flooding caused widespread power cuts, forcing some people to flee their homes.

More than 15 towns across three regions were affected by the power cuts and about 20 had to be evacuated, Oman Television reported.

Residents of Sohar said they were rescued by police helicopters on Wednesday evening.

“The wadis overflowed and my house was completed surrounded by water. I called the emergency numbers and the police evacuated me and my family to safety. We are now staying in my brother’s house until the flood is gone. I really hope we can go back in our house on the first day of Eid,” said Salah Al Breiki, 43.

Others said they were waiting for the power to come back on.

The ministry of electricity and water resources said most of the power cuts have been fixed, with remaining outages due to be restored before Friday morning.

“We have no power at the moment. We are waiting for them to reconnect the electricity. A few lamp posts were uprooted, causing complete darkness in the streets last night, " said Abdulrahman Al Harhy, 52, from Barka. "To make matters worse, my car is stuck in the mud and the roads are flooded with water. We cannot even go shopping for food at the moment,” he added.

Oman television reported that 55 people across the country were being treated in hospitals with injuries caused by rains and floods.


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