Satan Changed The Savior's Name (3 of 4) - And Removed "Yah" From All Biblical Names


In their quest to remove the name of Yahweh from the bible, the Hebrew scribes erased the "Yah" found in many Hebrew names and replced it with "Jo" as in Joshua instead of Yahshua or "iah" as in Isaiah instead of Isayah. This was obviously inspired by Satan who alone is interested in removing Yahweh's Name. If Yahweh did not want us to pronounce His name He would not have inspired His prophets to write it in the original texts and He would not have inspired them to command the people to use it in prayer and praise to Him. Yahweh is the divine name, the holy name, the name of the creator, and no other name will do. Lets remove the false names of Jesus and Jehovah from our mouths. These are the last days and the truth is being revealed.

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