Сataclysms for April 13, 2021 | Five Earthquakes in Japan, Deadly Earthquake, Strong Tornado


Сataclysms for April 13, 2021 | 5 Earthquakes in Japan, Deadly Earthquake, Strong Tornado


A tropical cyclone of the third category "Gray" hit the coast of Western Australia.
Fast moving tropical cyclone "Gray" has increased to the third category and reached the coast of Western Australia
The "Gray" hit the coast near the town of Kalbarri with wind gusts of up to 170 km / h and continued to move southeast towards Geraldton. Earlier it was predicted that the storm could develop only to the second category.

Indonesian authorities have reported eight deaths in the 6.0 magnitude earthquake.
According to the Indonesian authorities, on the island of Java, as a result of an earthquake of magnitude 6, 8 people were killed and dozens of people were injured. More than a thousand buildings were damaged.
People were leaving buildings in panic in the cities of East Java province affected by the earthquake.
The earthquake damaged 1,189 homes and about 150 public institutions, including schools, hospitals and government facilities, according to the National Disaster Mitigation Agency in Indonesia.
Experts from the Center for Earthquakes and Tsunamis in Indonesia said a tsunami was not expected, but urged people to avoid unstable slopes and rocks where landslides could come off.

In the central part of the American state of Wisconsin, a thunderstorm passed, during which a lightning bolt knocked down a large tree that grew in the schoolyard of the city of Wutoma.
Fortunately, none of the students and school staff were injured, the building was not affected. The flash of lightning and the fall of a tree were recorded by surveillance cameras.
Children and teachers were shocked that such a rare and dangerous event happened just a few steps away.
Meteorologists have reminded residents of the state that lightning can be deadly. Each thunderstorm produces discharges that kill an average of 93 people in the United States each year and injure about 300.

More than 5 thousand tons of dust gets to the Earth from space per year.
Scientists know that the Earth is under constant rain of cosmic dust, which is an important source of extraterrestrial material arriving on our planet. According to experts' calculations, about 1600 tons of micrometeorites and 3600 tons of molten space rocks reach the surface annually, which is 5200 tons.
The Earth's atmosphere is filled with a variety of dust; at any given time, it contains about 17 million tons of dust.
About 80% of cosmic dust is thrown onto Earth from comets when they approach our planet during their orbital movements.

Five earthquakes occurred in a day in southwestern Japan.
Five earthquakes, each with a magnitude exceeding 4 points, occurred south of the Japanese island of Kyushu in the south-west of the country; no tsunami threat was announced during any of them. This was reported by the National Meteorological Office of Japan, the epicenter of the tremors was near the Tokara Islands, which are administratively part of Kagoshima Prefecture. The strongest of them were 5 and 5 and 2 points. In just a day in this area, according to seismologists, there were 32 earthquakes with a magnitude higher than 1. The focus in all cases lay at a depth of about 20 km under the ocean floor. No data on casualties or damage was reported. The Meteorological Office is studying the nature of the seismic activity that has occurred and warns that it may last for several days.

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