Billy Graham - End of the Church Age - Time of Prophecy - Father's Kingdom Come ON EARTH


Billy Graham was the founder of media evangelism, and his demise is a sign of the end of the "Church age", and the beginning of the revealing of the Son's of Elohim, and TRUE evangelism.

A strange new thing. Truly Great News! The Father of Jesus will be glorified again. The god of this world who deceived the whole world, is exposed by the Son of Man. There is a way that men have followed, of doctrines and traditions that is fallen, fallen!
The bible says "The Word was made flesh, and He sits at the Right Hand of the Father.
The bible says The Word is His Name.
The text are tainted by the shifting sand of the teachings of men. Those Born of The Word are like the wind. Taught by The Holy Spirit, not men, as Jesus exampled. Jesus taught death as sleep, and prayer as private. No teachings or example of begging for bread ("saying grace"), or eternity in heaven. Why does the church teach that we came from heaven? We came from Adam, and his Father.
Satan is obsessed with heaven, from where he came, and obsessed with being god. The seed of Eve (The Living) will reject the serpent god. He ALONE, steals, kills, and destroys. RUN from him. Come Out! Then help finish destroying the devils works. The True Foundation, and Cornerstone is NOT apostolic. The MANY that have come usurping Christ's name have made a contract with death, and preach heaven (what they cannot know) and judgement, wrath and hell, made for those (fallen spirits) on earth without flesh, blood, or The Breath of Life. A loving Creative Father exampled His will through The Son. NONE OTHER. The only believable man, proven true by His Resurrection. "NONE OTHER" had to be put into the earth, planted like a seed, so that now Son's of Men can be revealed, as His little brothers. Set apart from making plans, and buying selling or trading in this day. Poor sojourning levites. Free from the cares of the world IN DEED (lifestyle), not words only. "These are the ones following the Lamb wherever He may go."

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