aaaThe Truth about Easter The Churches Have Lied To You


Our choices are so important, and the best overall choice now is Country Living where you have easy access to pure water, pure foods, purer air, natural exercise, a pleasing environment to live in, God's first book is Nature, the second is the Bible !!!! Real trust in God is so essential and Pure Faith in Him, which really is Fully Believing In Him, then we can take the higher step of staying Fully Surrender to God through Jesus which enables us to Walk With God and Overcome All Sin, The Special Work for Now, The Most Important work for now which involves so much more, of reaching out in pure love to lost souls while time remains. You see there will come a time when all human probation will close, all will then be permanently decided for the eternal kingdom or to eternal death. So you can see the importance of making heavenly choice today, We have many publications on health and spiritual matters we would love to share by email. Alan at

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